Camp Meeting 2018

Monday PM - John Kinsey "God Said...Let There Be Light"

Monday PM - Chris Haizlip "Believe His Word"

Tuesday AM - Mark Tondee "Relationship Between Christ and Church"

Tuesday PM - Chris Haizlip "Christ The Door"

Tuesday PM - John Kinsey "Be A Committed Christian"

Wednesday AM - Ronnie Rogerson "The Love of God"

Wednesday AM - John Kinsey "Some Observations of God"

Wednesday PM - Joe Arthur "The Rapture"

Wednesday PM - Chris Haizlip "One Thing I Know"

Thursday AM - Charles Ennis "Christs Coming"

Thursday AM - Dave Varnell "Psalm 103"

Thursday PM - Chris Haizlip "Waves of Grace"

Thursday PM - John Kinsey "Joseph In Prison"

Friday AM - JT Edwards "Falling Down"

Friday AM - Thomas Brookshire "IS"

Friday PM - John Kinsey "Wheres Everybody At"

Friday PM - Chris Haizlip "So You Need A Miracle"

Camp Meeting 2016

Monday PM - Chris Haizlip "This Testimony"

Monday PM - John Kinsey "Don't Want To Go On Without Jesus."

Tuesday AM - Mark Tondee "Things Freely Given To Us Of God."

Tuesday AM - JT Edwards "Power In Prayer and Praise."

Tuesday PM - John Kinsey "Desiring God"

Tuesday PM - Chris Haizlip "Who Is That God?"

Wednesday AM - Ronnie Rogerson "Not of This World"

Wednesday AM - Johnny Taylor "Hell"

Wednesday PM - Bobby Barnes "Making It Through The Winter Time."

Wednesday PM - John Kinsey "The Storms of Life."

Thursday AM - Thomas Brookshire "The Preaching of The Cross."

Thursday AM - Randy Smith "Psalm 73"

Thursday PM - John Kinsey "The Lord Is Good."

Thursday PM - Bobby Barnes "Disobediences of Abraham."

Friday AM - Dave Varnell "The Hand of The Lord Was With Them."

Friday AM - Stanley Kelly "What Is A Christian?"

Friday PM - Bobby Barnes "Hell"

Friday PM - John Kinsey "The Upper Room"

Fall Revival(Nov 15-20 2015) - Dwight Smith

Fall Revival - Sunday AM - Dwight Smith "Power Outage"

Fall Revival - Sunday PM - Dwight Smith "How To Hold A Grudge"

Fall Revival - Monday PM - Dwight Smith "Haunted Hearts"

Fall Revival - Tuesday PM - Dwight Smith "There is a God in Heaven"

Fall Revival - Wednesday PM - Dwight Smith "IOU"

Fall Revival - Thursday PM - Dwight Smith "The Future"

Fall Revival - Friday PM - Dwight Smith "To Be Used of God"